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Dragon's Blood Jasper

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Attributes: Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a stone of personal power. It provides strength, courage, and purpose to assist you in facing any difficulties when contemplating life changes. Dragon’s Blood Jasper is amazing at times of grief or during feelings of self pity as it will allow you to remember the beauty that is life. Dragon’s Blood Jasper will help you to hear your heart, it encourages love, compassion, forgiveness and in this vein allow you to heal repressed emotional issues and old wounds. It encourages your spiritual growth and will support your spiritual self healing.  

Healing: Dragon’s Blood has been used for its antiviral and wound-healing effects. Taspine, a component of dragon’s blood, has been documented to have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing actions. It has been reported to be beneficial for stomach ulcers, colitis, and Crohn’s disease when taken internally.


Dragon’s Blood Jasper will help you to hear your heart

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