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Handmade resin bloom technique drink Coasters, Soaps and bathbombs, a lovely range of Vases and a range of handbags.


Cork bases timber coasters are prepared using the bloom technique, where a base of pillow paint is poured, a range of individual paint pigments are mixed with iridescents added, and blown to form one of a kind bloom designs. They are then individually resined and professionally boxed for a professional finish. Coasters have a heat resistance of 120 degrees so all hot beverages are safe to use.

Soaps and Bathbombs

This lovely range of bathboms and soaps are all handmade with the highest quality of essential oils. When indulging in a luxurious bath the pure essence penetrates every room in the house to create the most relaxing ambiance.


Floral Interior extensive range of vases are both aesthetically beautiful and fully functional. The detail and quality make these a beautiful addition to any home.


This faux leather range of beautiful and practical handbags are perfect for occasional wear. While quite simple in design, they have just enough space for everyday use and most have a phone pocket attached. The range also pair up beautifully with the vases which make a lovely gift as a duo. 

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