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Desert Rose

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Attributes: This crystal, which is a type of selenite, is known for its connection to the earth. This gives desert rose its unique ability to promote feelings of stability and calm. Aside from grounding, the desert rose stone is also said to harness other metaphysical properties that could help you navigate life more effectively. As a type of selenite, desert rose also cleanses and charges other crystals. If your looking to cleanse your energy or reset your intention, this gemstone can be a powerful ally. Associated with the root chakra located at the base of the spine it resonates a sense of safety and security, making you feel more grounded, stable and safe.

Healing: Using the stone can help ou find your centre again when life feels chaotic or out of control. This crystal is thought to help with fertility and childbirth, as well as digestive issues. Reported to help regenerate tissue and heal injuries quicker. Many found it useful for improving skin conditions because of its regenerative properties.


Desert rose also cleanses and charges other crystals

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