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My 'WHY'. Quite frankly it runs through my veins and gives me joy like nothing else. It allows me to share that burning passion when creating, not only to my audience but to fellow artists alike. We all bring a special something to the table regardless of experience, accolades and platforms, it is a raw and vulnerable form of who we are, layed out for the world to see. Happiness is the greatest form of wellbeing, and there is nothing more rewarding than getting lost in a myriad of the imagination called art. Art is for all to be inspired and share and is such a big part of who I am, as an artist and a person. Denise Krajnc is a serious professional artist working from a purpose built studio/gallery in Geelong, Victoria. Denise Krajnc’s curiosity with drawing and painting began at a young age whilst growing up in Victoria, Australia. Her self-taught skills began with an interest in sketching animals and birds, with every chance she had creating art. While working as a junior artist at a local printing company an artist, she met Charles Moodie, a reputable artist in his own right and teacher who offered her a place in his intensive tuition in oils alongside 4 other students weekly for the next 4 years. It shaped her already natural ability to fully understand the whole concept of the intricacies of art and form. Later in her career, Denise ventured into the medium of pastel. She was amazed at how sympathetic this medium responded to wildlife works unparalleled in any other medium, which she studied in depth to produce many wildlife works and commissioned pieces. Denise more recently has worked extensively on a large cohesive body of work in acrylic and oils, celebrating the feminine and her connection with nature. These powerful images represent the immense emotion within us, with each and every one of us relating in our own way. Whatever life throws at us, if we quiet our minds and connect to who we truley are, there is a peace and tranquility powerful within us. Everybody is on a journey and has their own story and appreciation of love and life, this is her story. With over 40 years experience Denise has completed hundreds of commissioned pieces with private collections throughout Australia, UK, USA, and Germany. She continues to exhibit successfully at numerous art exhibitions throughout Victoria, winning several Best in Show awards, numerous Best Pastel and Fauna awards and many highly commended awards along the way. Emotion is the driving force, the subject, composition and flow of her paintings unfold intuitively captivating her audience through subtle nuances of colour, form and expression, always from the heart, for all to be inspired. CRYSTALS Over the last few years Denise formed an interest in crystals, not only their incredible beauty but more importantly the healing properties they behold. After becoming familiar with the ancient properties they hold she began collecting for personal use. This grew over time and it seemed obvious to incorporate this energetic force of nature alongside her art. Both evoke emotion with their depths of colour, form and incredible joy they bring to the beholder. Denise has added a large inventory to her website to peruse with something for everybody. Everything is a creation, enjoy.

Original Artwork

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