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Handmade Resined Coasters (Boxed in a set of 6)

Handmade Resined Coasters (Boxed in a set of 6)


Shades of blue, and Pearlescent with a seafoam appearance with a white bloom.

Pure pigment blooms on timber, cork based coasters. The coasters are prepared with the bloom technique where a base pillow paint is poured, individual mixed paint pigments with irredescent’s are added and blown to form a layered 3D design. They are individually resined when completely cured, and professionally boxed for storage on the table. All coasters are individually created so pattern varies but sets are all created using the same colour palette. Art resin can withstand a temperature limit of 120f or 50C so all hot beverages are safe to use on coasters.  100mm – circular.

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